The Violoncello Society of New York presented a Leonard Rose Centenial Tribute to honor Mr. Rose, one of the world's greatest cellists and teachers of the cello, on November 19, 2018. It was a warm, well-attended event that Frederick Zlotkin, in collaboration with Art Rose, Leonard Rose's son, planned and produced featuring recordings, pictures and videos of Mr. Rose, including many that had not been seen or heard before. It was glorious to hear his rich, signature sound.

The featured guest of the evening was Art Rose. He is custodian of the library of recordings and archives of his father. Art is a broadcast engineer for WTOP radio, in D.C. and he has restored old recordings, including a recording of Rose's last recital. His Fauré "Elegy" from that recital was a special treat for those in attendance. He reminisced about the life of his father and told us stories that completed the picture of Mr. Rose, not only as a distinguished cellist and teacher, but also as father and family man.

The remainder of the program was devoted to students who worked closely with him. Vice President Evangeline Benedetti hosted as they shared individual reflections and served as a panel for Q & A from the audience. Those who participated were Sara Sant'Ambrogia, who was among Mr. Rose's last students, and her father, John, who was among the first. John came in from St. Louis for the event. Also presenting were Jeff Holm, from Ithaca, NY, Eric Bartlett, NYC, Frederick Zlotkin, NYC, Danny Morganstern, Chicago, and Sara Davis Buechner, a pianist for Rose's studio, who came from Philadelphia. Several audience members, who knew Mr. Rose in various capacities, related interesting and humorous stories as well.

The event was followed by a wine and cheese reception on the first floor of the impressive Kosciusko Foundation Building, regularly used for VCS events in the past. Those who have been members for many years remarked how good it felt to return.

There was a silent auction of a framed poster advertising Mr. Rose's debut recital and an LP album of his early recordings. The lucky bidders now have beautiful mementos of the evening.

We are also pleased that 73 members and guests attended the event and nine became new members. We invite you all to join us in our newly-revived society. Keep visiting the website for future events.

Photos from the event (credit - Jay Kolinsky)

Art Rose and Frederick Zlotkin

Art Rose, Barbara Stein Mallow, Jay Shulman

Frederick Zlotkin, Jay Kolinsky, Art Rose

Jeff Holm and John Sant'Ambrogio

Evangenline Bendetti, Frederick Zlotkin, Sara Davis Buechner, Danny Morganstern, Eric Bartlett, Sara Sant'Ambrogio, Jeff Holm and John Sant'Ambrogio

Frederick Zlotkin, Sara Davis Buechner, Danny Morganstern, Eric Bartlett, Sara Sant'Ambrogio, Jeff Holm, and John Sant'Ambrogio

Frederick Zlotkin and Sara Davis Buechner

Danny Morganstern

September 25, 2018

Alessandro Benetello and Sara Sant'Ambrogio

Eric Bartlett and Barbara Mallow

Frederick Zlotkin

Hannah Holman

Kate Dillingham, Bongshin Ko and Barbara Mallow

Mark Shuman and Eric Bartlett

Michael and Betsy Bacon

Stephanie Winters and Sean Grissom

a Violoncello Society Event

February 26, 2018